Rwanda is a country located in the central and east Africa. It has a land-area of 26 000 square kilometres, this makes it the 148th largest country. It is surrounded by Uganda, Democratic republic of the Congo, Tanzania and Burundi.
The countryside of Rwanda is covered with grassland and small farms. There are rugged mountains that extend southeast from the chain of vulcanoes in the northwest part of Rwanda.

Rwanda is divided in five regions:
  • Northern Province
  • Eastern Province
  • Southern Province
  • Western Province
  • Kigali Province




Rwanda lies two degress south from the equator. The high altitude makes the tempature more stable, and makes it more chilly. The climate in Rwanda is basicly the same the year around, tropical weather. Rwanda has two dry seasons and two wet ones, the wettest period is between march and may. The driest is between August and September. The average tempature is 21 degrees celsius.