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Hutu and Tutsi

In the beginning a people called Twa-pygmies were living in Rwanda, but 1000 AD, a farming population called bantu-people were settled in Rwanda. These were supposed to be the origin of the hutu-people that lives in Rwanda today. Between year 1300-1400 another poeple came to Rwanda by immigrating from north, these were cattle minders. The immigrants would be called tutsi. The tutsi-people would soon be the most dominating and powerful people in Rwanda and the hutu-people would be dominated.

The genocide

The civil war began 1994, when the president of Rwanda Juvénal Habyarimana (hutu) was killed. He was on a plane to Kigali when his plane got shot at and crashed. The tutsies got the blame for the murder, even though the Hutu-people bought weapons from france (The missile was from france). That's how the war and opression started.

Official statistics is showing that 937 000 people were killed, most tutsies but also moderate hutus.
Many people were killed with machete, they got their hands and legs cut off and left to bleed to death.


In 1894 Rwanda was colonized by the Germans. After world war one Belgium got a place, by UN, to protect. This place was Rwanda. The Belgies did make a advantage to the tutsi people and this resulted in bigger segregation between the two people. The identety-card was also introduced in Rwanda, this would tell what kind of people you belonged to.

In 1962 Rwanda got independent from Belgium.

A movie about the circumstances 1994, in Rwanda.